Published On: Wed, Dec 23rd, 2015

5 Ways to stay warmer in chilly winter



You can use some scientific strategies to feel cozier rather than using the electric heater or wearing an extra scarf. Here are some ways through which you can heat up on days you can openly get out from under the covers.

Get nostalgic

The researches revealed that people are said to recall their old days and they said that feel warmer when they remember their old days. They were discovered to dip their hands in ice water for a long time and thought a cold room was an elevated temperature than it actually was. Psychological warmth stimulates the similar circuits in the brain connected with physical warmth, which transfer the memories’ golden glow into the acuity of heat.

Take a ‘vase’ breath

A research was conducted in Tibetan where respondents employed a meditative “vase breathing” method to elevate their core body temperature to 101 degrees. You may not desire to aspire for that just yet but start by inhaling deeply. When you breathe out then bond both your abdominal and pelvic muscles as your lower belly makes the shape of a smoothly rounded vase or pot. A few experts also suggested visualizing a blaze on the spinal cord and carry on breathing softly. You can also try yoga’s staple Ujjayi breath. Tighten the back of your throat as you gradually breathe in and out through your nose.

Feed your inner oven

When digestion process takes place then body produces more heat, recommended by Robert Kenefick, a research physiologist at the Research Institute of Environmental Medicine. He further stated that “Hot chocolate with half a stick of butter tastes good, generates heat and warms you up when you are freezing  or working outside in the chill.”

Clad yourself wisely

Layers lock in heat and avoid sweating, which is a cause for feeling colder. Begin with a tight-fitting bottom layer made of a fast-drying fabric, for example, polyester, rayon, silk, or another synthetic blend. Specialists advise to avoid slow-drying cotton and use it in the summer time. Wear a long-sleeved shirt or a cardigan sweater on top.

Ginger up

When you are feeling much cold and there is no electric heater then grab some dark. “Ginger is a stimulating herb,” asserts Judy Griffin, who is the author of the bestseller Mother Nature’s Herbal. It illustrates that the herb assists to arouse and augment blood circulation. She elaborates that “It warms you up from the inside,”


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