Published On: Thu, Oct 6th, 2016

5 Ways to take skin care in winter



Winter is the very attractive season but demands extra skin care on the other hand. From moisturizing your damp skin to keeping yourself hydrated can make your life simple all through the cold season.

A well-known dermatologist has shared precise solutions to enduring the ill effects of the imminent winter.

Keep yourself hydrated:

The cold has numerous effects from drying out your skin to attacking from within. So to get rid of it, drink much water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy because it defends against all the toxins out of the system.

Exfoliate your skin regularly:

Employ a scrub made of curd and sugar to softly exfoliate your body and eliminate the layer of dead cells made on it. Curd is recognized as a superb exfoliator for the skin because of the existence of lactic acid that gives gentle and hydrating effect to the skin, crafting it lithe and nourished. Sugar, alternatively, is a natural source of glycolic acid that goes into the skin and collapses the ‘glue’ that connections skin cells.

Moisturise over damp skin:

The main thing for glowing skin is moisturizing from head to toe. Additional care and conditioning can assist your skin to brave the chill.

Use a good sunscreen:

All through winters, many of us adore enjoying the gentle heat of the sun to hit the chills. However, one ordinary error that everyone makes is giving up on a sunscreen. The winters do not prevent the UVA and UVB rays of the sun from damaging your skin.

Ideal method for hair removal:

Waxing and employing creams are absolute no. Waxing is time taking and also chaotic. On the other hand, shaving when done correct is favored and quicker. It is said that waxing strip off necessary oils and natural lipids that are central for keeping your skin soft.


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