Published On: Sat, Feb 27th, 2016

6 Attractive points in Srinagar for visitors


If you want to visit the places in Srinagar, it will give you to a mixture of religious and landscape options and you will attracted by it. There are many views like Dal Lake whis is a major landscape of the city and Hazratbal Dargah which is beside the lake. The other thing which attracts visitors is Mughal Gardens with their old-world charisma whereas Shankaracharya Temple situate atop Shankaracharya Hill is extensively explored by people who are the lovers of harmony. Srinagar is also home to Asia’s biggest tulip garden, commonly recognized as Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, which is segment of myriad hindi films. There are many other places like Dachigam Wildlife Park, Pari Mahal and Wular Lake which are also much admired amid the tourists.

Dal Lake

If you are visiting Srinagar first time then you will be fascinated by the distance and size of this attractive lake, which is not just the ‘jewel in the Crown of Kashmir’ but it also provides income and mode of transportation to the people.

Hazratbal Dargah

This attractive alabaster-white mosque gives off a vibe of calmness and magic. One of Srinagar’s much vital shrines; the Hazratbal Dargah is extremely valued by the Muslims and holds one of the much significant remnants.

Pari Mahal

Commonly known as ‘the fairies abode,’ Pari Mahal was formerly a Buddhist monastery which was afterward became an observatory. Displaying an Islamic way of architecture, it gives an striking arrangement.

Dachigam National Reserve

Dachigam’s locate is very striking in the country and the Park is dwelling to a varied set of Himalayan flora and fauna also the Hangul (Kashmir stag), which is the much imperil kinds of red deer.

Shankaracharya Temple

​It is the ancient temple which is recognized as the location where the eminent seer Adi Shakaracharya gained enlightenment.

Wular Lake

It includes in the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. Wular Lake is also a great appealing site across 33 km from Srinagar. This natural wetland is nourished by the river Jhelum and works like a natural flood control apparatus.


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