Published On: Tue, Jul 19th, 2016

6 Beauty tips for monsoon


beauty tips for moonsoon

Monsoon is the very beautiful season but it comes with numerous beauty hacks and the experts have the opinion that from your hair to your feet, it is necessary to take safety measures against the beauty despairs that the monsoon season brings on.

With the monsoon blues hitting you very often, you might be lodging in the seasonal alterations that keep you invigorated every now and then. It is okay if you overlook to take care of your health and body for moderately a few times. But you dare to forget the whole season? The respond is ideally NO, as you know you require taking extra care of your skin, hair and health.  When you can discover visible changes in weather, taking formidable steps would reduce your efforts as the season prolongs.

Here is the list of a few simple and easy to follow beauty hacks:

Sunscreen is a must:

Even if the sun is not shining, its rays can damage your skin. Thus do not overlook to employ sunscreen.

Lip care is essential:

As this season is regulated by the entire dark shades on the lips, it sometimes becomes much hard to throw out the lipstick blemish. Employ Vaseline on your lips and rubdown — this will assist you to get rid of the blemish.


For your eyes:

The season can make your eyebrows disorderly. Employ a hair spray and brush them. This will assist in maintaining them in position. Prior to using concealer, pat a few eye cream to assist skin to appear much moisturized.

Feet up:

Exfoliate your feet to throw away the dirt in this sweaty season. Put in covered shoes for the reason that contact with the logged rain water can direct to infections. Keep away from dotting wet shoes for long and make sure that you wash them.

Hairy notes:

Curly hair is the very widespread trouble. The surreptitious is to employ a cotton T-shirt rather than a towel to repair the frizziness. You can cover your hair with mayonnaise also for deep conditioning. The oily base in mayo crafts hair appears glossy and shining and mends dry hair. Later than using it on your hair, employ a blow dryer for some minutes, and keep it on for twenty minutes prior to you clean it off.

Art of perfuming:

Combine your scent with a little of Vaseline and massage on your wrists, back of your ears and neck. This will assist in adoring well and keep you fresh for a longer spell in this humid and clammy weather.


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