6 Bollywood Actresses Owe their Career to Salman Khan.



Popularly known as the Man with the Golden Heart, Salman Khan has been in news for pushing new talents to gain momentum in the industry, most of whom have become huge stars today. From actresses, actors, composer he tries to help everyone. Here we bring to you list of Bollywood actresses who owe their career to Salman Khan.

Salman Khan, who noticed the spark in Sonakshi Sinha’s eyes and the talent in her body language, asked her to lose weight as he decided to launch Sonakshi in Dabangg.


Somy Ali shifted to Mumbai from US to make it big in the world of films. Salman Khan helped her to bag her first debut film Anth. They even dated for a few years but eventually split up.


Salman Khan decided to launch a new face; a face that resembled his ex-love Aishwarya Rai. Salman noticed this girl Sneha Ullal, his sister’s friend at college, who totally resembled Aishwarya and there she won her his film, ‘Lucky: No Time For Love’. But it was lucky for none as the film went without a whimper with Sneha alongwith it.



After having Katrina Kaif’s disgusting debut with the film that Boom-doom at the Box Office, Katrina had to walk up to Salman Khan to make her re-entry into Hindi films. Signing Katrina up for his brother’s production gave in more fuel to rumours of them being in a relationship and henceforth, Katrina started getting numerous offers and the topmost heroine in the league.


Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan share a special friendship since their movie Kick. The movie was the biggest hit of the 2014. Recently Jacqueline said that she finds Salman Khan the most handsome man in the industry. Jacqueline has always kept her first priority for Salman Khan and later for other actors in Bollywood. She also said that Salman is the most genuine actor.

Jacqueline Fernandes -Salman Khan

Salman Khna’s lead in Jai Ho, Daisy Shah was nothing but a back up dancer working in the Dabangg songs when he first spotted her. After having an instant liking, Salman even approached Daisy with the role that Hazel played in Bodyguard, that is of Kareena’s friend. But Daisy was too high-to-shoes to have declined the offer. Next time, Salman returned to her was with the titular female lead role in Jai Ho, to which Daisy just jumped in.


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