Published On: Fri, Apr 1st, 2016

6 Considerations before buying a bike



An in depth study and know how is essential to purchase a bike. Keep in mind the well known phrase, haste makes waste, you can’t just get up and abruptly decide to purchase and you must observe the one which suits your requirements. It is also good to talk to several people prior to finalize the purchasing. Take your time and analyze the choices and options carefully and buy a comfortable one.

Here is a list of facts which you must think prior to making that huge acquisition.

Think about the size of the bike

The rationale is very important behind your bike. The purpose will lead you to choose the size of the bike which you need. If you require it for traveling in the everyday traffic then go with a small 70cc scooter because it is the best selection, however if you want it to ride in a rally then pick a heavier sports bike or go with an off-road dirt bike.

Consider the design of the bike

If the purpose of your bike is to commute with family then a sporty design bike is not good enough. If you are a sports rider then you go with a bike that has a forceful leaned above riding spot where the handlebars are beneath the rider’s upper body and feet are put following the body.

Engine performance       

Don’t buy a motorbike without knowing the work of its engine. Motorcycle engines may have array from 125 to over 2000 cc’s. The 350 cc and 500 cc engines are thought for grave biking. Whereas 150 cc engines are good for them who’s rational is to commute with family.

Select a bike according to your body

Physical size of your body is very important to select a bike which is comfortable in riding. Some bikes are very tall that it is difficult you’re your feet to easily reach the pavement when stopped. Some can be too small to sit. The best solution for this issue is to really sit on different motorcycles which have diverse designs and models and take a trial by riding.

Parts and accessories

Select the one which fulfills your needs and requirements. There are endless accessorise a new motorbike possess. Widespread accessories are a windscreen, backrest, custom exhaust, saddlebags, and highway bars. Go with your needs.

Fuel economy

Keep in mind about the fuel economy and go with that bike which has an impressive fuel economy. With the rise in petrol prices, opt the one which gives substantial savings in fuel consumption.


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