Published On: Wed, Jul 13th, 2016

6 Nail designs for young girls


Makeup is uncompleted without nail’s dressing and young girls want to change in plain nail polish. Don’t be bored because we have tips to make your nails sparkling. The good thing regarding them is that they are easily sufficient to do devoid of professional assistance, but the consequences are completely eye-catching.

Here is the list for you.

French Manicure Nail Art Design:

summer nail art


The very famous summer nail art design that girls admire to use on their nails is French manicure nail art design. Whatever you are departing for a party or for a hang out with buddies, this design seems wonderful for any event. To obtain a fun gaze, use a pale pink or clear base cover nail polish and tint the French pours with white nail polish on your nails.

Zigzag Nail Art Design:

Zigzag Nail Art Design:


Use a vivid nail polish and set the meander tape above your nails. Use diverse shade nail smear on the spare part and for a final gaze, only apply a clear nail polish. So, this nail art design performs well with a plain dress so as your nails get centre stage.


Polka Dots Bow Nail Art Design:

Polka Dots Bow Nail Art Design

In the contemporary world, bow frills are a lot in fashion and they appear stunning and attractive on your ring finger. Use a naked base cover or a light pink shade on your nails, put polka spots with the aid of the toothpick and attach a bow ornament employing nail glue. Consequently, for concluding only put a top coat.

Striped Nail Art Design: Bright, easy to make and looks amazing on nails.

To get striped nail art design, set a French manicure with a few vivid and cool shades of nail polish. You just require making stripes with the assistance of nail art striper pen or a thin brush.

Glittery Nail Art Design:

If you desire to have some glitter on your nails then make the effort to this glittery nail art design in this summer heat. This nail art portrays the kindliness of a woman. To obtain the glittery nails, you just require is to use a naked cover as the foundation and then use glitter on the edges with the aid of a sponge. As well, only put a top cover to boost your nail art.

Ombre Nail Art Design:

Pat, pat, pat isn’t that fun do it? An easy, rapid and simple to do ombre or sponge nail art design is the nail art of this summer. Place any two vivid shades in a straight line on the sponge and pat the sponge on your nail to obtain the two-color or ombre effect gaze. Eradicate the additional nail polish and put a top cover to obtain the final gaze.

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