Published On: Wed, Jan 20th, 2016

6 Reasons for acne in men after 16



Many men find acne after their teenage and got surprised. The rampant adolescent hormones might be history, but there are some surprising practices which are the causes for it.

You’re scarfing down dairy

Some studies say that more use of milk by boys can a reason for acne but it applies to older men. Clement Adebamowo, who is a professor at the University of Maryland, tells that “Milk contains many biological products apart from protein and nutrients, like insulin growth factor-1, which is similar to insulin and alpha reduced sex hormones,” he continued by saying that “These molecules are designed to enhance the growth and development of the calves, which can cause a biological response in the person who drinks it,” it enhanced sebum production which is an oily substance that clogs pores. Dermatologist, Adnan Nasir, suggests that if it happens then try to avoid milk for almost two months and see the difference.

You’re a carb king

Researchers recommend one of two 12-week diets, which comprises either an eating plan high in carbohydrates or one high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains. And both groups can reduce a number of breakouts and pimples. Use of high-protein subjects can clear the face more than before. Many researchers tell that enhancing insulin is a reason for inflammation in the skin, leading to breakouts. They say that “Processed foods could be another factor,” then try to use less sugar and switch to healthy grains and legumes.

Your diet omits omega-3s

A 250 mg supplement of EPA — the kind of omega-3 found in fish and nuts can lessen the acne. Alan Logan, who is a study co-author and independent researcher, tells that “Inflammatory chemicals increase the production of sebum,” Omega-3s are the mere nutrients that stop the creation of the icky sebum, which is known to be a reason for acne. If these nutrients are not in your diet then use fish-oil supplements.

You’re a stress magnet

A lot of research says that stress is also a big reason for acne which actually worsens already existing acne and promotes the outburst of more. Some steroid hormones, for example, glucocorticoids and adrenal androgens, are come during stress times and become a reason for breakouts by activating oil glands and clogging your pores. A study from Stanford University illustrated that college students had more acne during exams.

You have excessive exposure to sunlight

Dr Nasir tells that “Over several years, sun exposure may increase your skin’s oil production, which clogs pores,” the research further recommends that only five to 10 years of living in a sunny climate as an adult can make you more vulnerable to acne and other skin hazards. Use sun blocks while going outside. Dr Nasir says that “The actual sunscreen doesn’t clog pores,” he further tells that “It’s the liquid it’s dissolved in.”

Your phone is grimy

Your smartphone can be a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Your hands can promote bacteria. Every time you put your phone to your face, you risk those germs seeping into your pores, causing pimples and it calls acne mechanica. Seemal Desai, who is a professor of dermatology at the University of Texas, says that “I see a lot of patients whose acne is worse on one cheek than the other,” try to clean your smartphone screen with alcohol or sanitizer each day.


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