Published On: Thu, Mar 10th, 2016

6 Simple grooming tips for men


Most of the men think that skin care is the case of women but they don’t consider that it’s equally important for them too because they have to deal with facial hair and rough skin. Additional, having a facial done prior to a nuptial to glance excellent has become a norm in the men’s world.

But there are some points which should keep in mind in day-to-day life, such as, employing a face wash regularly. The face wash should be chosen according to the skin type. It ought to enclose natural ingredients to soften their skin.

Furthermore, they must employ after shave products each time subsequent to shave. Here are some simple tips that men can use to take care of their skin at home.

Use good cleansing cream or face wash:

Men usually use harsh soaps to wash their face. Even they don’t use a scrub according to their skin type. These all may leave a dry skin. Thus select a scrub and face wash cautiously to eradicate pollution without over drying it.

Don’t buy cheap razors:

Carefully pick a razor which suits with your skin sensitivity and beard coarseness. Cheap razors can be cause for uneven hairs or go a little below your skin and hurts you. Try to shave after taking bath because facial hairs become much softer now.

A correct shaving routine:

It’s compulsory for each man to use after-shave products because after shaving their skin pores get exposed to outside air that also hold dust. Employ natural or herbal face wash later than you shave.

Use moisturizer:

Try to shun dryness of skin and prefer a good moisturizer according to your skin-type because it will help to soften and nourish your skin. The men with oily skin or prone to breakouts should try a water-based product.

Use sunscreen before leaving home:

Make it compulsory to use sunscreen lotion to reduce the peril of getting sun damage, which can be a consequence for redness, irritation, and skin cancer.

Go for facials when required:

Don’t wait for a wedding or any event for having facial because you must look well and feel well all the time. Keep in mind about your skin type before picking up a facial kit.

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