Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2015

6 Steps Must Be Followed To Write A Newscast Script


TV News is the best way of presenting a news story not only because it contains visuals and background sounds but also for the greater impact in this global world. The relevant background score, the camera angles and visuals improves the presentation of the content that attract viewers, that’s why it is said that a well presented news story sounds good for both ears and eyes.

The TV News Story Presentation

1) 5 Ws and 1H Matters

Informing about What, Who, Where, When, Why and How is the best and basic principle is story telling. Also emphasize these points for example who and how it going to affect the masses.

2) First 15 Seconds Should Say It All

In the news package first 15 seconds are very vital as if viewer judges a news worth to watch by its first few seconds. Give an overview of the whole story in these seconds with all necessary information so that it will keep your viewer in tact.

3) Context / Additional Info to be told after 15 sec

The background information and additional details should be added in post-15 seconds chunk of the story because generally in news bulletin, if any story cuts a news, it happens after 15 sec run of the former.

4) Recheck the facts and Rehearse the news as on air

Counter check all the facts and rehearse your story that how will it look when will be on aired, change the word, phrase that is looking odd.

5) Use two column format for story presentation

Present your story in the two column format available in programs that Broadcast studios usually use. In the left column run the video/images and in the other, run the subtitles of  voice over(narration).

6) Audio/Video Coherence and accuracy

The audio in the story should to exactly fit with video length with coherence and accuracy. Run the package twice or thrice for checking before it goes on air.

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