Published On: Mon, Mar 14th, 2016

6 Ways to hide acne with makeup



Acne is a big problem if it occurs and when you have to go outside whether in a party or wedding then this single crest can spoil your excitement. It is approximately devastating when a pimple decides to emerge the day prior to your party. The mere thing that can save you at the last moment is makeup. It can conceal approximately anything. Here are some tips to hide those pimples stylishly prior to you head out for the special occasion.


  1. Try to always use face wash to clean your skin, prior that you initiate working on the problem spot.
  2. Try to avoid touching your skin directly. In its place employ a brush or sponge to use makeup.
  3. If you have washed your face properly then the next step is to use a primer. The primer cap is applied throughout your face or only use it on the problem spot.
  4. The very significant step in the procedure is to apply a concealer. Only pat your brush on the problem spot and let it adjust on there.
  5. It can be odd for you but we recommend you to apply a green concealer. The reason is that green merges properly with the color red. If your pimples are not predominantly dark red, you can be more affluent selecting a yellow concealer to coat them. But ensure that you don’t select a concealer that is lighter than your skin. You will only be representing all the concentration to the problem spot.
  6. Now stay for the concealer to merge and then use foundation. You can also desire to use a few powder so the spot stays concealed.
  7. When all of this clears up, you can begin using your makeup.

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