Published On: Thu, Mar 10th, 2016

6 Ways to look younger


A multi-billion dollar industry is flourishing worldwide only to make you look younger and pretty. You also spend thousands on creams, serums and non-surgical treatments that assert to transform you. But there is still no guarantee that you will look younger. Here are some simple makeup tips that can help in making you look younger. These are here

Groom your eyebrows
Well-groomed eyebrows that shape your face flawlessly can really make you look younger. The initial step is to thread or tweeze the additional hair from below your brow to have a smooth and fresh gaze. Avoid over-plucking, as thin brows can insert years to your face. The next step is to employ a brow set to fill in gaps and provide a smooth curve. Employ a brow mascara to provide your eyebrows little clarity.

Open up your eyes
always try to employ a few eye shadow on the internal corner of your eyelids, light brown in the middle and dark brown on the outer corner. Mix together systematically. Get brown or black eye shadow and use on the outer corner of your eyelids. Apply some of the similar shade on the lower lid, near to the waterline. Apply a radiant fawn eye pencil on the outside to make it gaze bigger. Get a white eye pencil and make a ‘comma’ on the inner corner. Now lastly, apply an enlargement and volatizing mascara. Emphasize your cheek.
Plump up your lips
with the growing age the lips thin out and drop their juvenile fullness. To overcome that, employ a bare lip pencil and cautiously sketch a line outside your natural lip line. Use a lip plumper serum and a moisturizing lipstick in glowing pinks or naked. Apply a few shine in the middle of your lips to have a naturally plump gaze.
Use concealer wisely
Apply a few concealer below your eye in a ‘V’ shape or an reversed triangle as like the foundation is united with the lower eyelid. On dark blue under eye circles, you require to use an orange concealer to conceal that tendency and provide you a lucid skin tone. Merge it properly is of supreme significance.
Create a high cheekbone
Envisage a line from the apex of your ear to the curve of your lips. Then employ a blush under that line to put some hue to your cheeks and provide it a pleasant cut. Use a few highlighters on the apple of your cheeks.


For a taut jaw line


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