Published On: Fri, Apr 15th, 2016

6 Ways to lift your brows naturally


lift your brows

If you want to lift your eye brows then try to go with natural ways and forget about the expensive and painful ways to get a brow transformation.

Here are some of the easy ways by which you can lift them.

How to make perfect eyebrows

Keep the structure of your face in mind:

When you are going to commence then keep your face shape in mind because the eyebrow form depends on the face structure. Well-kept eyebrows are significant as they can differentiate among your tired or fresh looks. The situation of your eyebrows severely influences your apparent age as well.

Clean the area and remove any oils around it
Prior to starting the process, wash your face properly employing a foam-based cleanser and then dry it. You can use some dusts of powder as well so that you can reduce the chances of slipping as you are shaping your brows. If you feel that your face is sweating too much then you can also apply a make-up remover or a toner.

Map your eyebrow
It is better to number the places with sketch pen on which you are going to work. Also ensure that you draw them properly, so as reduce the risk of plucking wrong ones while plucking away surplus hair.

Balancing is important
Put your middle and fore fingers of your left hand amid first number and the second. Keep in mind to pull that spot as forcefully as you can so that the skin doesn’t drop. Holding the skin tightly will give less pain when you are tweezing your brows.
Be careful when plucking
Try to keep the area neat, but avoid plucking off the surplus because it will give naked look. If you have plucked off any surplus hair, pat a few powder on it and then color it employing an eye pencil.
Follow the arch method
It’s vital to identify your favorite shape which you want to make. Though, if you are not familiar then it is good to pursue the arch method. Opt a specific bend, then have a curve at number 2 and lastly begin a downward pitch towards number 3.



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