Published On: Tue, Oct 20th, 2015

6 ways to prevent you from viral infections



Weather is altering day by day and cold winds have been started bellowing.  While the sun is still smiling bright and cheerful but we all know that winter is ahead us. Wave your goodbyes to the end of heat waves, and the beginning of an exciting yet bothersome cold weather.  But be careful of the disease of changing season and take some precautions before you caught the flu, fever and all those viral infections even before its arrival risk because our immune system  is wavering as it adapts to the new change.

Here is some do’s and do nots to avoid falling sick to the alteration of the season.

Say no to a sugar rush

Sugar is the source which can reduce human body’s immune system, then please take away valuable nutrients from your body and the vigorous microbes from your digestive region. Using a large amount refined sugar can make be a compromise to your immune system and provide it the strength to work stronger to fight back. Most areas of our body are on an uphill skirmish to fight for our body’s defenses, don’t make it difficult for yourself by accumulating a lump sum of sugar to your reservoir. At this moment of the year, our immune system absolutely requires some sort of amorous so don’t force it in anticipation that your body begins lamenting out for help when you are already partially there.

 Don’t be a gymnasium extremist

Take some rest for few days from the gym because the weather is changing and your body is already under enough stress and it needs some gap to come out of the state of confusion. So be relaxed and make slow the physical activities for some days because running and weight lifting can break down your immune system further. Take care of your health and take precautions.

 Don’t make alteration in clothes abruptly

Don’t be quick in changing your wardrobe just wait for the weather to settle in first. Even if you consider the cold pinching you, be relaxed and have patience because patience is the best virtue. Wear a light sweater or keep a light jacket on if you feel cold but don’t coat up with heavy jersey until your body gets used to the change of season. Precautions are better than cure and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

 Clean up your hands frequently

Cleanliness is considered as half health. Wash your hands more often. Washing hands can make possible of losing many germs and it will put you at a lower risk of infectious by a viral infection. Much soap is available in the market and using a medicated soap is even better. If you just wash your hands it is also helpful to prevent from diseases. It will make you surprise that such precautions will help your body to prevent a full blown outburst of sickness.

 Vitamins can boost the immune system

Please contain more vitamins in your everyday diet routine because using of vitamins can boost our immune system but many people become ill because of their utter lethargy that force them to drive up to the pharmacy. Make a habit of using lots of seasonal fruits which can help you to rapidly lift up your immune system, keep you healthy and in a good shape.

 Dispose of tissues after utilize

Winter season can boost up the use of tissues. Please make sure that the issue is must be in the bin after using it for sneezing or blowing your nose instead of lying around the house. It can extend extensive infections.

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