Published On: Fri, Dec 18th, 2015

7 Advises by experts for feet care



Feet are an important part of the body because these provide you strength and help in walking. Caring for feet is as important as for other parts of the body so always try to treat them with more care. Here are some suggestions by experts regarding the feet.

  1. Don’t go barefoot in a public shower

Casey Ann Pidich who is an associate at Big Apple Foot & Ankle Care in New York City advises that don’t go with bare foot in public washrooms because gym showers and locker room floors are a big-time proliferation ground for the fungus that reasons Athlete’s foot and horrible blisters, so always ensure to wear flip flops. Always give importance to drying your feet also and use the towel in between your toes. It is also good to use powder all over your toes and heels prior to wearing sneakers; it works akin to magic to keep them dry and sanitary. If you are going for pedicure then try to get the initial appointment of the day because at that time the tubs are cleaner.

  1. Pointy pumps are the worst

These look fashionable and gorgeous, but nothing is important than the health. Pidich states that shoes that push the big toe into smaller toes set you up for bunions, which are bumps that form over the bone at the base of the big toe. The skin overlying the thick bunion can annoy red with irritation and swollen, making walking an absolute nightmare. High heels are also dangerous. If you want to wear high heels then try to wear it for a short time.

  1. The length of your toes is a big deal

If the second toe is longer than the first toe then it is much dangerous and risk for bunions, hammer toes, and it is also a big trouble for the back. Robert F Weiss, who is director of the Foot & Ankle Institute at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut states that “All the weight should push off your first toe, but when the second one is longer, it rolls and flattens, causing all kind of foot problems,” if you have some problems then talk to your podiatrist (foot expert).

  1. Your feet really are getting bigger

Timothy Swartz, who is chief of podiatry of Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic region recommended that your feet become both longer and wider with the growing age for the reason that the tendons and ligaments that link tiny bones lose elasticity then measure your feet at least once a year to know your true size.

  1. Diabetics should take special care

If you are a patient of diabetes then check your feet regularly for blisters, cuts, redness and ulcers. If you ignore the wounds or other foot concerns then it will become an infection. It is said that each year, more than 70,000 people with diabetes lose a foot. Bradley A Levitt, a podiatrist in Virginia Beach states that “Diabetics who lose a foot have a 50% chance of dying within five years,”

  1. You may not be lacing your sneakers right

If you feel pain and redness after exercising on the top of your feet then skip the two middle holes in your lacing and loop them vertically on the sides of your shoes in its place, recommends podiatrists at The Centre for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in New York City.

  1. Toenail fungus is stubborn

If your toenails are going to colorless or are getting thicker and more brittle then it can be possible that there is a fungus. “While nails clear up in time by taking antifungal pills, your risk of a reoccurrence is high, so I recommend a topical cream to help prevent it,” recommends by Dr Swartz. Keep your feet always dry.


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