Published On: Mon, Dec 14th, 2015

7 Movies which We Can’t Imagine In 21st Century.


As The 2k15 is Almost Is Near To Its End, So We Have Decided To  Mark up 7 Such Kind Of Movies Which are Ridiculous With Respect To Other Movies And As Well As their Stories and Logic.

1) Kuch Locha Hai:




Now This is The Movie which has been Made for just to Show off the Sexy Body of  ‘Sunny Leone’ but the Director of this movie have no sense of humor that if She wants To Show Her body then There are many different Ways which can Give Her Much Money then this movie gonna give and also that way Surely Can’t Bollywood Use just To show Her Body, So This was the Failure of the Director In his Purpose.

2) Roy :



The Most Confusing Thing About This Movie Was Its Story. Actually, Most if The people Get Confused Instead Get understand the Story and Also The Songs Were Very Depressive And The Worst Thing Is, The Cast Were Too Strong And Movie Story was Too Confusing and Which Was The Reason behind its Flops.

3) Alone :


The Bad luck Of The hot And Sexy ‘Bipasha Basu’ is that, Actually She Always try to Be In the Horror Movie And the Result Always Comes In a negative Way and, This Time, The Result of The Movie ‘Alone’ Is Just ‘Alone’. We can Say That The People Don’t Go And Watch The movie in cinema And they let this movie Alone.


4) Mr. X :mr-x-wallpaper_142910194130


The Problem Of This Movie was Actually The Director have mixed The Stories Of Two Movies And the Movie of ‘Emraan Hashmi’ Which Was Very awaited by people just Because They Didn’t see Him On screen From a Very Long Time , Those People just Got Broke Their hearts And They Actually Feels Like They Are Watching some animated movie or Some Cartoonist movie, Anyway After Watching The Response of ‘Mr.X’, The Director of The Movie Was Very Desperately wished To Disappear Like ‘Mr.X’.

5) Shaandaar :



Actually in this Movie, The Director Has made Wonderful Story and Cast One of The best Actors and Superb Locations Were selected for Shooting but The Bad luck of the Director was , The Whole Cast and Whole characters Were just took this movie as a Joke or We Can say this Thing As well, The Director actually Gave Too much Space To the people of the Movie and Result was, The Movie Was not too Successful As The Director Expected But The Cost is almost getting Overcome.

6) Calendar Girls:

maxresdefaultThis News Is Useful only for Whom those Didn’t go to watch the Movie Just because they Have saved Their Money Cause There’s nothing New in this Movie and just typical story for the girls who don’t have any work to do and have no support and they have to compromise with different persons just for the sake of their living.

7) Msg 1 & 2 :



This movie Is Just Sucks And We Can Say it Ridiculous and no Story And lots of Blunders and this is the movie which is as much bad as we can say.`

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