Published On: Tue, Nov 10th, 2015

7 Ways to make nails beautiful and attractive



Attractive nails are not only a symbol of excellent health but also show self-care. You may consider receiving salon-ready nails needs time and extreme expenditure, but this is distant from being accurate. As recommended by make-up experts, here is a little hassle-free method.

  1. Make nail polish last longer

Clear out your nails by vinegar will get your nail polish everlasting. Get a Q-tip, wet it in vinegar and wipe it all over your nails prior to using nail polish. Other than creating your nail hue everlasting, it will remain your nails fit and bright.

  1. Go natural to reduce yellowing

Everyone have the idea that too much nail polish executes to nails. To avoid this, combine a single tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide by two-and-a-half tablespoons of baking soda and pat it on your nails employing a toothbrush.

  1. Employ a bobby pin as a dotting tool

Always speculating how women attain ideal spots on their nails? Employ the last part of a bobby pin, wet it in a hue that would go off on your base hue and begin spotting your nails. You get the idea polka-dot model.

  1. Attain a half-moon manicure

Oval-shaped markers that you can attach to your nails to completely use shine on half your nails in the form of a moon. Everyone you have to perform is painted your nails one hue, subsequently foundation coat use, of course, and allow it dehydrated totally. Once it’s dehydrated, use the second coat on the enclosed area.

  1. Stop over-polishing

Use petroleum jelly on the parts of your nails to avert nail polish from dispersal. Once you are prepared, only clean off the jelly. No ache, no blemishes.

  1. Paint ideal stripes

To craft band of color on your nails, slash strips of tape according to how broad you desire them to be. Attempt to create the bands on the similar angle on every nail. Once the places that are not covered with tape have been polished, use a dissimilar hue on the gaps in between.

  1. Blow-dry or water-dry ’em

Blow-dry your nails. This will craft the polish dehydrated in two-to-three minutes as contrasting to half an hour. Remain the blow dry on cold. One more method to rapidly dehydrate your nails is by sinking your hands in chill water for approximately five seconds later than you’ve used nail polish. Ensure that you remain the bowl of cold water prepared prior to using the hue.


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