Published On: Tue, Nov 10th, 2015

‘7000 Miles’ bagged award from Spain



Depicting motivation from duo places 7000 miles apart, New York and Pakistan, Nausheen Ishtiaq Chen has won still one more tribute for her most recent offering, 7000 Miles. The director, who triumph two awards at the MiradasDoc Market and Festival in Tenerife, Spain, revealed her enthusiasm regarding showcasing Pakistan at the fiesta, single-handedly. “It experienced great to show [7000 Miles] to worldwide viewers and succeed the awards. It was similar to getting global acknowledgment for a Pakistani homegrown plan in this showground”.

Produced in association by Wormhole Productions, Grayscale, and The Acting Wheel, the documentary was chosen for the tenth series of the MiradasDoc Market and Festival. 7000 Miles contested alongside many other projects which came from Spain and Latin America and got an optimistic response from distributors in Spain and the UK, by a lot of them articulating their concern. “We received two headfirst awards, which were equally endowment. We also got global allocation for the movie by a Spain-based agency who presented free subtitling of our movie in Spanish,” said executive co-producer Nabhan Karim.

Nausheen was equally the director and executive producer of the movie and had been preparing to follow this proposal since she was learning filmmaking at The New School in New York. Living in New York and Karachi, Nausheen was commonly inquired by her associates as to how life was dissimilar in equally metropolises, anything that afterward curved into an absolute documentary. “I determined to create this movie to reply people’s query regarding how dissimilar we are from the people existing 7000 miles away from us,” revealed Nausheen.

Creating the documentary requisite the production crew to interrogate people from a variety of surroundings – somewhat which Nabhan considers facilitates 7000 Miles position out amid its generations. “The most excellent thing regarding 7000 Miles is that it has no program. It isn’t concerning presentation equal areas in an excellent or awful light. We’ve interrogated people from all surroundings, initiating from a rickshaw driver working to learn English in Karachi to a haul queen in New York. It’s not regarding who these inhabitants are but concerning what they do to stay alive,” stated Nabhan.

Working in Karachi nevertheless, was no simple achievement for the crew of young film-makers — mainly in its final leg when their tools approximately got a steal from. “I sense it [7000 Miles] was individually a worthwhile and overwhelming practice as I had grown-up near to each of my topic. It was a concession to have had as a cherished gaze into people’s lives, feelings, qualms, major worries and goals,” completed Nausheen.


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