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8 Famous cities with famous places in Pakistan


Pakistan is a very charming place to visit. Here are some very attractive spots and cities which you can explore and get amused.

Here is a brief detail of those famous places in Pakistan.


Thar is completely different from rest of the country and it is really an interesting area of Sindh. Chiefly Thar is a desert which is elongated and stretched widely. The plants and animals, which are here, seem diverse from other part of the country. This area is similar to the Rajasthan of India with hills of sand. There are undersized villages which have the mud huts. A verity of thorny bushes and cactus plants could be seen here.


Sukkur is full of historical places and interesting sites. A lot of historical buildings can be found here which includes many tombs of well-known Saints. Here is the tomb of Mir Masoom and a great number of striking Mosques (Masajid).

Mohenjo daro

This archeological site is 580 Kilometres (350 miles) away from the largest metropolis of Pakistan (Karachi). Mohenjo daro is located on the Dadu road. “Hill of the dead” is the meaning of Mohenjo daro in local language. The valley possesses 5,000 year old history which was an Indus valley with civilized peoples.


Quetta is located 4,500 meters above from the seal level, which is the provincial capital of Baluchistan. Some famous mountains of this metropolis are Chiltan, zarghoon and Takatu. The heights of the mountains of its surrounding areas are different from each other. Quetta, the attractive city, deserves the attention of a great amount of visitors. It has numerous beautiful spots which are still unseen and need the exploration.


This is a small hill station, located on the 8,000 meters above from the sea level. It gives fresh air and fresh climate to the tourists. Mauve bushes coated much of its area and Juniper forests are vanishing from its scenery quickly. The Father of the National Quaid-e-Azam Muhammal Ali Jinnah spent his last days of life at this place.


It is just close to Rajasthan and neighbour of Rajasthan (India). It is stretches on the area of 25,000 Sq. Kilometres and contacts the desert of Thar to South and Rajasthan to East.


The very significant city of Pakistan is also recognized by the name of the city of Saints. The chronology of Multan starts with the Alexander and afterward Kushans, Arabs, Huns, Ghaznavi, Afghans, Mongols, Sikhs, Mughals and British ruled over the metropolis. It is the oldest city of South Asia where Sufis and Saints preached the Islam.


It is the provincial Capital of Punjab and a huge city with massive population. It was always included in important cities for the rulers, scholars, politicians, historians, and archaeologists and also for the visitors. This is the interesting city which has a verity of places to visit.


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