Published On: Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

8 Things To Expect From Apple’s Launch Event Tomorrow


With the Apple’s new launch event just a few hours away, the excitement of almost every Apple fan is on a high. After an extremely huge and wide-ranging event last year, the expectations from this year’s event are raised a bit further. Apple has two launch events every year with one scheduled in March and the other in September. The September launch event is more of a hardware launch programme which makes it a bit more interesting. This year’s event will take place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 7, at 10 AM local time i.e. 10:30 PM, 7th Sept according to Indian time.

Last year’s event saw the launch of Apple’s new tvOS platform along with a twist in the hardware and software of the still-new Apple Watch. The list went on with the introduction of iPad Pro and the iPhone 6s series followed by the software updates for everything across all of its products.

This year though is expected to be much more quiet but will still have a long list of announcements to be made. Not a lot is clearly indicated by Tim Cook and co but still we’ve tried to sum up the rumours and bring up a list of what is supposed to come tomorrow.

iPhone 7


First things first! Although the event is a lot more than just the launch of iPhone 7, there is nothing bigger for an Apple fan than the launch of a new iPhone. iPhone 7 is set to sport a 4.7-inch design closely similar to last year’s iPhone 6S. The only major change in the looks is supposed to be the addition of a new dark blue colour scheme.

Apple Watch 2


The Apple Watch 2 will also be adorning the launch event along with the iPhone 7. The most expected update is the addition of a FaceTime-friendly integrated camera alongside its week-long battery life. Excepting these, the other key changes include a more instinctual app control coupled with a marginally slimmer body.


WatchOS 3.0


A new watch OS expected to revolutionise the world of smartwatches is supposed to be launched as well. The release of a new smartwatch won’t make your two month old smartwatch look like a waste and instead a revolutionary update will keep it alive.

The New-Look Apple Music


The launch is not just for the smartwatch users, updates are expected to roll out for the iPhone and iPad users too. The all new Apple Music is expected to be a karaoke fan’s dream update with lyrics being added for all songs. Also you won’t be supposed to pay for a full album just to listen to a single number.

iPhone7 Plus


The big brother of the iPhone 7 is also expected to hog the limelight in tomorrow’s launch event. The expectations of iPhone 7 Pro should not be considered real as the company is not really looking in any mood for it right for it. The iPhone 7 Plus is expected to be a 5.5 inch version of its little brother. Not a lot separates the two otherwise.

MacOS Sierra


Not the update but at least its release date can be expected in tomorrow’s event. A beta version of the software is already available for download with the full version expected to roll out somewhere in October.

New Watch Straps


Well this can be considered more of a spoiler alert. After all who would like to spend an extra four five thousand rupees for just an accessory. On a serious note though Apple launches these products for its users. So for all those users, wherever you exist, this one is exclusively for you.

iOS 10 Release Date


I’ve been saving the best for the last. The gift for the majority of Indian iPhone and iPad users will be in the form of a news regarding the release date of Apple’s much awaited iOS 10. Notifications will get revamped as will the lock screen and the Today View. It will be for the first time that Apple will power iPhone with a few developer options through new APIs like SiriKit and CallKit. It won’t have much in it for the iPad users but is still expected to be a worthy update.


All said and all will hopefully be done tomorrow. With 2016 being the first year to witness a drop in iPhone’s sales chart since the past 13 years this launch event will have to be a superhit to turn it around. We just hope both your kidneys remain intact to witness the next launch event too.


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