Published On: Thu, Mar 17th, 2016

8 Tips for traveling alone


Sometimes it happens that you plan for adventure but a single friend has time to come with you, now you will start feeling nervous and it’s a normal feeling. Travelling on your own is a learning experience.

Here are some tips that can help you to stay safe when you travel alone and ease your fears on the road.

Make bookings ahead of time
the biggest fear while travelling is where you stay after reaching the land up next. There is a suggestion ease all the fear and insecurity by making bookings at hostels/hotels before the time. A huge benefit of this is organizing pick up by the hotel or hostel hence when you come, there is a pleasant person to greet you. It appears similar to a minute thing, but in Asia and Eastern Europe where trains and buses come in the mid of the night and pushes argue above who can take you at 3x the price. Indeed, a lot of the 2 and 3-star hotels give this facility. You can ask the through email regarding the services in advance.

Take photos of taxi license plates
when you have arrived safely, don’t feel humiliation while doing so. Let the cab driver watch that you are taking the photo of the taxi’s license plate. He will be alert that you are smart and that his details can be sent to a local person. Don’t feel bad about making him/she think you don’t trust them. It is an ordinary mistake as travelling. A lot of the victims have affirmed later than the assault that they knew something was off but didn’t want to make the person feel bad. Your safety is the priority not other people’s feelings.

Wear a wedding ring                        
by pretending that you are married you can avoid anyone from flirting with you (hopefully). It can save you from problems.

Be aware
always be aware don’t plug in your headphones and don’t walk looking down. Be aware of your shoulder and behind you. If you observe that someone is chasing you, tell them you noticed! Be loud.

Don’t walk alone at night
always try to avoid night plans and if you have then take someone known with you and be at home in time. It’s just never a good idea to roam alone at night.

Don’t get drunk
If you are travelling alone than avoid yourself get drunk. Notice your surroundings. You shouldn’t get drinks from people on the whole; they might be drug-induced.
Hide some money
avoid to keep all the money jointly. Have some amount in a purse, some in your bag, and most of it in your back account. Extract smaller amounts at a time. Banks such as Charles Schwab permit you to withdraw with no ATM fee anywhere in the world.

Make copies of everything
try to have copies of your passport, visa, health documents, vaccinations, travel itineraries, bookings, e-tickets, and credit card detail somewhere safe. If you lost your credit card, you can have online bookings for travel in anticipation of you can get another card.

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