Published On: Mon, May 9th, 2016

8 Ways to pick right fragrance


In summer, it is important to be odor-free and smell as nice as probable. Fragrances that are delicate and lift up your mood are ideal for this season. From everyday life to parties there are particular fragrances for every event. Here are some instructions for selecting the right perfume this summer.


  1. Try to purchase the lighter version, the perfume that you usually employ. Ensure to consult with the salesman if the scent is featured as ‘Eau fresh’, which illustrates that it is lighter.
  2. When you are searching the fragrances for summer then citrus or wood-based perfumes are excellent choices. Citrus-based scents are breezier, whereas wood-based fragrances, such as, sandalwood, gives good smell which is last longer and keeps you cool as well.
  3. Ensure to try the scent outside the store. When you try a scent inside a store, you don’t actually get the true smell of the perfume. Try the perfume outside when the air conditioner is off.
  4. Select amid floral and beach-inspired scents. There are a lot of floral ones that you can opt, such as, roses, daisies, jasmine. Contrast, ocean-inspired scents are airy and cool.
  5. You can also go with single-note scents which are the last longer and don’t get heavy because of the hot weather. Lavender or jasmine is strong but ideal for the summer.
  6. Fruit-inspired smells are also very well such as grapefruit, strawberry, and lime, they are both crispy and calming.
  7. Employ some time in selecting the accurate fragrance. Purchase the one which is according to your taste. Spray the scent on your wrist and walk around a little if you still fond of the odor later than four to five minutes, then go ahead with the purchase.
    8. Keep away from altering brands. If you are employed to a particular brand, just attach to that.

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