Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

9 Facts that can lead to divorce


The facts about marriages have revealed that 42 percent of marriages end in divorce, and 34 percent of married duo divorce prior to their 20th wedding anniversary.

Some facts also stated that 87 percent of couples were happy and have a good relationship because their half rarely or never argued.

Some statistics illustrate that a lot of couples were in the past had good relationships but ended up getting divorced within 20 years of their wedding.

Peter Saddington, who is a Relate counselor and sex therapist, told about some most common reasons for divorce he observes in couples.

1. Money problems
the tensions occur when it comes to money. When the two, husband and wife have diverse statuses, for example, one person spends a lot of money and the other prefers savings for the future.

2. Affairs
when husband or wife have an affair, it can hurt the other person and break the trust level with the reveal. It leads toward difficulties in instituting honesty in a relationship.

3. Interfering ex-partners
when a new relationship accrues then giving the ex-more attention can be a tension for the other one. This can develop a feeling that they are still in a relationship.

4. Differences in sexual libido
The stereotype has some realities. Sometimes the diverse level of sexual libido can create tension between couples and in the relationship.

5. Children from previous relationships
It is a reality that people always react differently with their own children and with the children. Parents make diverse allowances for children who are their own. When they are somebody else’s children, it may be more difficult to establish the similar relationship.

6. Intrusive parents
The extra interference by parents in a married couple can create a problem in a relationship. For example, when partner spends too much time talking with their mother, can collapse of understanding in the association.

7. Difference in how you resolve conflict
Sometimes it can be possible that a partner don’t like the interference or arguing by other partner but the other one likes to do it can make a problem in a relationship.

8. Differences in communication
When one partner like talking too much and the other don’t then it can be also a tension in a good relationship.

9. Privacy problems
Too much privacy in everything can also create tension and it can also lessen the trust levels.


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