Published On: Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

A decision to boost up Pakistani local cinema


A decision has been made by the Lahore film to take a brief break from Indian movies for the reason to give more room to local ones. The Pakistan Film Distributors Group (PFDG) organized a meeting on Monday and Film Producers and Directors Association (FPDA) generally decided to provide preference to Pakistani movies all through spring.

Lollywood will observe crucial time in the last week of February and approximately the entire March because more than 10 Urdu and Pashto movies are releasing all through this phase. Conventional Urdu movies, for example, Bachaana, Salute, Hijrat, Fiker Naat and Blind Love are anticipated in February, whereas four Pashto offerings, i.e. Aashqi, Lewouny Pakhtoun, Parrang and Jashan are arriving in March. It can be possible that major Bollywood ventures like Kapoor & Sons, which is going to release on 18 March, be displayed but now it is assuming that Pakistani producers and directors are yet taking their business seriously. They consider that this decision will lead a solid Pakistani film industry as it was stated by director Shahzad Rafique, “This is great. I hope my film Salute will prove to be a good addition to the scheme,”

The purpose of the meeting was plan a strategy that protects the interests of Pakistani filmmakers. PFDG chairman, Ch. Ejaz Kamran, IMGC entertainment chairman Shiekh Imtiaz and filmmakers Syed Noor and Jarar Rizvi, amongst others, were present at the session and influenced cinema owners to lucid niches in favor of local movies in Lahore.

Ch. Ejaz Kamran told in the meeting that “It has been our stance since day one that we should focus on releasing local content and play a positive role in the revival of our cinema,” he further stated that “Our films did great business last year and held their own against Indian films. It’s time we realize that they too can generate considerable profits,”

Kamran’s upcoming flick Blind Love is at present in post-production. He emphasized on other Muslim nations, for example, Turkey and Iran that are packed with worthwhile cinema but their movies are not imported by local distributors. He word was as, “We don’t take any measures to import from these countries and just keep giving our spots to Indian films,” he further continued by saying that, “I think it’s high time we broke this hegemony and got a hold of our theaters.”

The decision was also made that IGMC entertainment, Pakistan’s prime distributors of Bollywood films, will begin releasing Pakistani productions also.

IMGC’s Imtiaz told that “Directors, for example, Asma Butt, Shahzad Rafique are willing to provide us their movies, which will be released under the banner of IGMC,” Imran added that “We are also making efforts to obtain Bhai Wanted from Syed Noor. I am sure that next month will see Pakistani movies rule the local box office.”

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