Published On: Sat, Aug 6th, 2016

A design firm built a library from 2000 ice cream buckets to inspire people to read


It has a message embedded on the facades that translates to “books are windows to the world”.

In the age of the social media, youngsters can be seen glued to their smart phones as they chase fictional characters in public spaces or spending most of their time on Facebook or Twitter. In this fast-paced environment, the present and future generations seem to be missing out on many things, including the pleasure of reading.

Such an environment calls for a need to revive the interest in books through innovative ideas which can inspire the younger generation to cultivate a healthy reading habit.

As a part of one such initiative, Dutch design firm Shau, decided to build a spectacular micro-library in Indonesia, where there is a lack of facilities for people to read, especially in villages.

The micro-library located in a small square in the Kampung neighbourhood of Taman Bima in Bandung, has been built from about 2000 ice cream buckets, and is the brainchild of architect Florian Heinzelmann.

The idea was to build it from jerry cans, but due to the shortage of cans in a large number, ice cream tubs were used since they were available in bulk, have a more ‘positive image’ and can also be cut open at the bottom for cross ventilation.

A hidden message

The buckets have also been carefully arranged to embed a message in them as a binary code, which reads, “buku adalah jendela dunia” (books are windows to the world).

A design firm built a library from 2000 ice cream buckets to inspire people to read

The library measuring 1,722 square feet was built at a cost of $39,000, and is meant to provide a space for people to hang out and develop a passion for reading.

Being made from translucent materials, the buckets allow light to pass through them and act as natural light bulbs during day time.

The library was followed by another micro-library that the firm has built at Taman Lansia.

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