Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

A device that lets you control your dreams


A device that lets you control your dreams

The EEG headband, iBand+ is a kickstarter project that claims to help users gain control over their dreams.

Tech start-up Arenar has started a new Kickstarter project namely iBand+ — a device that lets users gain control over their dreams.

The device is a smart, wireless Bluetooth EEG headband that senses users’ brain waves with laboratory- level accuracy. It also conceals special health tracking sensors to measure users’ body movements, heart rate and body temperature.

iBand+ essentially tracks and analyzes information about users’ brain and body throughout the sleep cycle with an auto-learning software algorithm. It then uses the information collected to play and adjusts the audio-visual signals to induce lucid dreams, to help users fall asleep easily and wake up naturally.

The iBand+ comes with RGB LEDs and pillow speakers that work together to effectively deliver audio-visual stimuli while providing users with comfort. On the basis of the information gathered from users’ previous sleep cycles, the iBand+ app recommends the audio-visual techniques that work best for the former. Users can choose their own music from the already pre-loaded audiobook library.

‘Dreams occur when you are in the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of your sleep. During REM phase, the body is largely disconnected from the brain, effectively leaving the muscles incapable of movement — the reason we don’t act out our dreams. iBand+ accurately senses this dream phase by monitoring variations in your brain waves and the body vitals,’ reads the post on Arenar’s website.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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