Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2016

A hero come villain


Ahsan khan

Udaari is an exceptional TV drama serial which is gaining popularity at present.

If you have not yet seen its fascinating narrative and grabbed by it then the fourth episode absolutely will do it. Later than inauguration lead actor Ahsan Khan’s wicked side as a child molester, the puzzle has left you in a state of eagerness.

In the third episode, spectators have seen in Udaari the character of Ahsan as Imtiaz Sheikh getting married to his late friend Parvez’s wife Sajida, performed by Samiya Mumtaz.


They both seem to share a unique link but what occurs after that may alter their lives for good.

In the imminent chapter, Imtiaz who repentant for marrying an older woman, will, at last, demonstrate his actual colors, when he endeavors to make progressions towards their neighbor Sheedan’s (Bushra Ansari) daughter Meera (Urwa Hocane).

Later than the failed endeavor, he moved toward Sajida’s daughter from her initial marriage, Zebo, who falls prey to his cruelty.


In an interview, Ahsan shared why he selected to perform a gut-wrenching child molester; a bit that cannot be got well by his fans and spectators similarly.

Ahsan further added that “Even while reading the script, I could not digest these scenes. It is definitely the most difficult character to portray on-screen,”


He continued by saying that “I bet no actor who has an image of a hero in the society would opt to play such a dark character. The reason I have played this role is that I want people to take action against this evil (child abuse) in our society instead of overlooking it.”

By explaining the evil that dominates in our society, “Such abuse leaves the child traumatized forever. My maid’s child was suffering from it and that’s what made me realize that I need to spread awareness.”

Stature to Ahsan, who for all the time picks such strong roles. We hope that he will able to bring a positive change to his character in Udaari.


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