Published On: Fri, Oct 23rd, 2015

A journey from model to designer



No one can challenge the hard work of a woman who can be performing multi- tasks in a single time. We have a lot of instances like this one of them is here, when an actor, a model and a singer, Rubya Chaudhry is adding ‘designer’ to her extensive list of credentials.

She revealed the same on Instagram numerous nights ago, posting a picture of a lace duster jacket that will be part of her first set.

Her outfit’s column is in association with the Patiher label, a Karachi-based line that does bridals and official wear.

Question asked by reporter


1 Q: You’re an actor, a model, a singer, and now a designer. So what has stimulated you to design your own attire line?

Rubya Chaudhry’s reply: “Being an idealist and adequately admired has its profits, and a girl’s just trying to make the most of her youth. Being a singer, actor and a model all have to do with performance-related art, which, to me, aren’t very different from one another. I sincerely don’t have an idea that what my motivation for survival would be if I weren’t always at it; somewhat or the other that enthuses me, dares me, makes me feel alive. And yes, all the things I take on do exactly that”.

She further revealed that “As a model, there appeared a time when I started feeling abhor of dressing up. I’m still pretty laid back when it comes to styling me…but I get bouts of excitement and go all out on occasion. What that period did to me was give me a new perspective on my personal style. It was a part of growing up, and it changed the way I felt about fashion. It gave me an individualistic approach, made me put my heart first. It made me comfortable and courageous.” She stated that “In all honesty, I’m my own inspiration for this line; the thinker, the wanderer, the little girl that I’ll always be, the woman that I am. And I’m lucky to have Supria Rehman partnering me in my madness. She’s a qualified fashion designer with an already running, successful brand called Patiher. All I want is fun, effortless fashion; pieces that I would happily wear myself, and use as much organic fabric as possible to stitch them. So far, I’ve had nothing, but fun creating designs and choosing colors and fabric…it’s like I’ll envision anything and Supria will make it happen.”


2 Q: Could you inform us additionally about your colleague label? Patiher seems to be the latest label that’s chiefly paying attention to bridals and formal wear.

Rubya replied: “Patiher was recognized about 8 years ago by Supria Rehman. Her designs are a manifestation of rich fabrics, textures and patchwork embellishments. A lot of her work speaks volumes of our glorious heritage; inspired by the architecture of Moen-jo-Daro and Harappa civilizations. Patiher does smart casual wear as well. She has an eye for impeccable workmanship and original ideas to put that craft in order. Supria’s support is invaluable to me.”

3 Q: Will it be the just one-off compilation for your friend’s label or do you map to keep designing?

Rubya answered: “It’ll be under the house of Patiher, but a detached label in general. The prospect of being well-received is very exciting, of course. We do plan on expanding with time.”

4 Q: Is your initial collection still in the design stage, or prepared to begin production? Do you have a name for the collection?

Rubya replied: “We’re introducing it online for now, mainly on Instagram; open for orders and appointments. The brand is called ‘Children of Spring’. Now just waiting on the tags to arrive!”

5 Q: How would you illustrate the collection?

Rubya answered: “So far, we’ve done western casuals, with pieces that you can style, however you like, to make your own. It’s for the woman that loves to explore, live, wander, and ultimately, be true to herself. Cute, sexy, comfy, and restricted to no age group. Sometimes crazy, and impulsive, but not losing sight of wearability, comfort, and trend.”

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