Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

A Picture which make ‘Trouble’ for ‘Mahira Khan’.


The gorgeous lady of our Pakistani film and drama Industry and also known as ‘Humsafar’ Lady the one and only ‘Mahira Khan’ is facing trouble from our neighbor country’s media just because She posed a picture with her upcoming movie ‘HO MANN JAHAN’s Director ‘Asim Raza’.

The story begins from the ‘Halloween Party’ which was arranged by a ‘TV Host’ Nabila, where all of the famous stars were invited and all were looking stunning.

And when we talk about ‘Mahira Khan’ , then she was also looking gorgeous as she wore ‘Catwomen’ costume.

Asim Raza was also there and He was having getup like Shiv-sina and also had a placard which was consisting of these lines “MAHIRA KO BAHAR NIKALO”.

Actually that was giving gesture to those recent threats which ‘Shiv-sina’ agave to ‘Fawad khan’ and ‘Mahira khan’.

Now the people of neighbor country are saying , this is the reaction of ‘Mahira’ against those threats and some of them consider it as a Political statement as well.

So ‘Mahira’ have spoken up about this issue ‘VIA’ Tweets.

Tweets were like , She said ,it was total unintentional Picture and wasn’t capt ured to hurt somebody.

She also apologized to people across the border , Even she didn’t make any intention to that picture but still she wants to make peace and love between Pakistan and our neighbor country , so that’s why she did it all on ‘Twitter’.

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