Published On: Wed, Feb 3rd, 2016

A smartphone-connected gadget that can detect fake pills


People are more aware now compared to the previous decades; the reason behind it is the developments and technological revolutions. The researchers have developed a smartphone-connected gadget that scans the pill and lets you know for a moment whether it is made of the real stuff or not.

If the Viagra pill is not working well since the last night then do not merely blame yourself, it can be possible that the pill itself is a fake one. The researchers have developed such kind of devices just to prevent you from these kinds of embarrassing situations. The device appears similar to a portable smartphone battery and hooked up to a smartphone through a USB cable.

Named LinkSquare, the tiny spectrometer gauges the strength of wavelengths of light, MIT Technology Review reported.

San Jose-based startup Stratio, the developer of the device, told that the device can discover what a particular pill’s reflective signature is and then evaluate branded pills (data for which is stored in the smartphone app) to identify if they match up. A range of light from LinkSquare shines onto the pill, and the way in which the light reflects back across the pill is captured by an image sensor to spot whether it is fake or not.

The reports revealed that there are yet a lot of challenges to be dealt with, for example, building a database of medications that LinkSquare will be capable of identifying.

Leslie Grothaus, a Stratio co-founder, was further continued by saying that “We’re hoping people can use this to assuage some of their fears about the things they consume,”

The company is making plans to bring the device to the market later on this year for $199. They are also planning to examine further items that can be mislabeled, for example, ‘fake’ food items.

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