Published On: Tue, Aug 23rd, 2016

A woman breaks down rape in 7 tweets using $5



A woman breaks down rape in 7 tweets using $5

Explaining a clear distinction between consensual sex and rape.

The only thing worse than the alarming rise in crimes against women across the world, is the audacity with which they are committed and the attitude of society which often leads to the victim being questioned and the perpetrator going unpunished.

Debates around marital rape in India and questions over a woman being drunk when she was raped or her dress show that there is still lack of clarity about the concept of consent, which is a distinction between rape and consensual sex.

The prevailing environment calls for an unfortunate yet important effort to explain that ‘no means no’ and rape is different from consensual sex in any situation. Among others, Twitter user Nafisa Ahmed has come up with a brilliant way to break down rape in a series of 7 tweets using $5.

Here’s the full explanation.


Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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