Published On: Fri, Jun 3rd, 2016

Aamina Sheikh wants to play Muslim Marvel superhero


amina shaikh

Housewives, media mavens, and fans headed to a local bookshop in Lahore on Wednesday to get an opportunity to know Aamina Sheikh’s off-screen guise better. The gathering began in typical Lahore style — late, as the luminary magnetism was enclosed by media for an opportunity for exclusive face time. All through the earnest session, mediated by Rehan Babar, the actor told regarding how she made her career upon revisiting to Pakistan and her view on her body of work, whereas also replying unplanned inquiries asked by the attendees.

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Sheikh has always been versatile and the first woman in her family who go abroad to study. She studied video production in New York, she stated that “Often women go into cookie cutter careers because that’s easy. We all stand at crossroads when we are younger. Some, parents, are supportive and some aren’t, mine were stuck in the middle.” Sheikh did her graduation with a degree in video production and had determined to work in Hollywood, and embarked to locate a chance but the road was long and winding. She further added that “The ladder was too long and at that time I happened to meet Mehreen Jabbar who said Pakistan needs people with an academic background and channels are booming. She said it was the right time to be in Pakistan and I listened to her.”


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She continued by saying that “I believe having a degree doesn’t mean you’re good at your craft but people definitely think so. In the arts, I don’t think it’s important because you cannot categorize people that way. It’s not about IQ or numbers, it’s about your creative ideas, how you tell stories and feel about things which a degree will not teach you.”

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Sheikh thinks that it is vital to make further blockbuster movies to be capable of continuing growth. Cinema, she continued, is a business similar to any further and requires to be brought to a point where people can make money from it. She added, “This will encourage more people to invest and allow us to manifest larger visions onto the big screen.”


Moor and Manto are best films for her, “They have been conversation starters in Pakistani cinema but there is a need for light-hearted topics. I really liked Na Maloom Afrad (NMA) because TV is already cathartic, filled with gloomy and dark things and then we have the news so cinema needs to be a relief. NMA provided relief and humor and that was the turning point. There have been more after that but that was the true game changer,” she is determined to play challenging roles, “When you’ve gotten positive feedback from the audience you reach a point where you want to do things for yourself.”

She shared about her aspirations by saying “I want to be the next Muslim Marvel superhero in the global market. You won’t see me in a typical garb on TV or cinema.”

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