Published On: Mon, Mar 14th, 2016

Aamir Khan likes to eat seekh kababs on his birthday, reveals brother Faisal Khan



Bollywood superstar and perfectionist Aamir Khan turn 51 today (March 14). While the entire industry will gather to wish him a happy birthday, brother Faisal Khan too has some special plans.

In an exclusive conversation with, Faisal Khan said: “Like every year, we will have a family get together where we will cut a cake and have dinner together. I also plan to give him a surprise gift.”

When it comes to making birthday resolutions Faisal reveals that Aamir always makes one but fails to stick by it.

“Every year he decides to quit smoking but then when a film is about to release he invariably ends up giving into it. So, on every single birthday he decides to not touch cigarettes at all but ends up doing so. This time I would want him to make firm resolution to quit smoking,” added Faisal.


Faisal Khan, who is just a year younger to Aamir, has fond memories of their childhood birthday parties. “Our home used to be decorated with ribbons and balloons. We both were crazy about balloons. Our entire house, furniture and fans used to be decorated with it. All our friends from our society used to gather and we used cut cake and give take away gifts as well.”

While the celebrations changed as they grew, Faisal remembers the time when he surprised Aamir while he was shooting for Mangal Pandey. “Aamir was away shooting in Panchgani for Mangal Pandey and I landed unannounced on sets to surprise him on his birthday. I gifted him a kite. Aamir loves flying kites and we used to do so as kids. We ended up flying a lot that day. I usually like gifting him something that will help us relive our childhood.”


While Aamir Khan may be a superstar today for Faisal he will always remain the same old brother who is loving, caring and extremely protective.”Success has not changed him much as a person.”

And for the foodie Aamir Khan, the delicacy that he likes to gorge on his birthday is seekh kabab. “He loves special seekh kababs prepared by our mother. Our naani used to make it and our mother mastered it from her. Aamir loves eating it.”

On his part, Faisal who is himself a good cook, once whipped up channe ka halwa for his dear brother on his birthday. This time he has plans to prepare another special delicacy. We are sure Aamir would love the new dish as well.



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