Published On: Thu, Mar 3rd, 2016

Adnan Sami converted nationality due to Indian cuisine



Adnan Sami has a lot of reasons behind changing his nationality from Pakistani to Indian and he has justified his newly-acquired Indian citizenship on several times. Apart from other common good things in India, Adnan has recently admitted that Indian cuisine performed a great role in making his decision to take on India as his homeland.

In a recent interview the Pakistani turned Indian singer and actor stated that “Yes, I love Indian food and that was one of the reasons I chose to be an Indian but I also love the people and every part of India,”

But all of us are in doubt that if he is a real foodie or not as he has set an instances by reducing approximately 167 kg in five years. Exposing his effort voyage, Adnan revealed that he was evaluated for his music and not for his waistline.

The famous singer also revealed his fitness mantra by stating that “I lost 167 kg and my fitness mantra is to never be apologetic about yourself, about your looks as long as you feel good. Everybody is different and has a unique identity. One thing that nobody can be is be yourself.”

But how could Adnan’s discussion concluded devoid of admiring his eventual choice. He uttered his views on the well-liked argue of nationalism in the country stating that “I feel very proud to be an Indian citizen. It’s healthy that people have different opinions about particular matters.”

He further continued by saying that “By having various views we are capable to reflect upon a solution which would make society a better place to live in and India is no different to any other country,”


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