Published On: Thu, Jul 2nd, 2015

Afghan Court voids death penalties in Farkhanda Mob Killing Case


KABUL: The death sentence imposed on four men involved in the Farkhanda Mob Killing Case in Afghanistan has been quashed by Afghan court in Kabul.

The judicial sentence of death penalties of all four men reduced to 20 years imprisonment in  hearing held under closed doors.

A stern rFarkhanda 2eaction in the form of an outrage has sparked against this decision from Human Rights activists and family of the deceased lady.

27 years old Farkhunda Malikzada had and argument with the keeper of an Islamic Shrine and then she was stoned to death on the false accusation of burning a copy of Quran.

A car was run over her dead body which later on set ablaze by the mob.


According to the details, the Shrine keeper Omran has also been acquitted who incited the mob to kill the Farkhanda.

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