Published On: Mon, Jun 22nd, 2015

Afghan Parliament Comes Under Attack By Taliban


2KABUL: Four explosion have hit the premises of Afghan Parliament and the gunbattle continued in the area for quite some time as Taliban has attacked the building in Kabul.

According to the details, three bombs exploded outside the boundaries of Afghan national assembly while one in the inside area, when the MPs were there about to introduce new Defense Minister for the country.

1The terror activity created a chaos in the house that was filled with smoke, however all MPs have been rescued and the area has been evacuated. Not casualty has been reported so far but 19 got injured, majority of them are civilians.

Sources saying that about six gunmen attacked the parliament and the attack carried out by suicide bombing (car bombing) as an exploded vehicle can be seen outside parliament.

Chief of Kabul Police has said that all the six attackers has been killed. Taliban has claimed the responsibility of  this attack via twitter that their Mujahideen entered in parliament.

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