Published On: Sat, May 28th, 2016

After Seeing THIS, You’ll Never Use Cotton Swabs To Clean Your Ears Again

Say no to cotton swabs…

Ear Hygiene



When it comes to health, we like to keep our heart, blood, bones and everything else healthy! But in this race of keeping our body healthy, we generally tend to forget the health of our ear. But still, there are people who keep a check on their ear time to time. But when it comes to ear hygiene, you could be doing more harm than good with your current cleaning regimen.

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The ear is an extremely sensitive and delicate area and as such, you should take precautions and do your research before attempting to clean them yourself. If great care is not taken while cleaning your ears, it could result in impaired hearing, infection, and/or painful long term damage. What makes this troubling is that so many people are still applying old concepts to their ear-cleaning practices and the results are alarming. So what is wrong in doing that? To know that, check out the pages ahead…

Do Not Stick Anything In Your Ear Canals.




Yes, this is a fact. Many people are unaware that doctors and health care professionals have been trying to stop people from cleaning their ears with cotton swabs for years. It isn’t safe. There is a very real danger of damaging your ear drum.

So try and avoid putting cotton swabs in your ears as they will seriously damage your ear. The problem while using them is that people will simply push excess wax deep into the ear canal, leading to blockages and impaired hearing. Check more such facts on the upcoming pages..

When to Clean?




Keeping everything clean is good but only if it requires cleaning. For the most part, ears clean themselves by cycling wax and dirt out towards the ear openings. Some people may never need to clean their ears – genetics will largely determine this. In some people, wax will build up though. It can become unsightly and uncomfortable and then it becomes important to clean your ears but safety must be considered.

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It is important for everyone to know that wax is only produced in the outer part of your ear canal, away from the eardrum. So when blockages from wax do occur, it’s generally because the person has been using a cotton swab to “clean” their ear. The deeper you dig, the more likely you are to sustain damage or create a blockage. This is not it, there are many more disadvantages of cotton swabs. Check them out on the next page…

Home Remedies




There are certain home remedies you should follow. A salt water solution is a simple and effective method to flush buildup from the ear. Simply dab a few drops in, swish, and flush. Use water that’s been warmed to body temperature before trying this. This should work I think. Not only this, A few drops of baby oil, mineral oil, or specifically formulated ear-cleansing oil are also safe and effective to use for cleaning inside your ear passages. Be sure to check the ingredients to make sure you’re not allergic to any of them. Do this, these are very natural ways!

Detergents Or Syringing




Well, this might just shock you but you can use detergents too. Using a detergent like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide may also be effective at cleaning wax out of the ear canals. If these rinse methods aren’t enough for you and you are still suffering wax buildup, there are additional measures that can be taken for instance you can have a doctor perform an irrigation of your ear passages or even get a home irrigation kit and perform it carefully yourself. This is far more better than using cotton Swabs.

See A Doctor




If nothing else works, this will. If the home remedies suggested have not been working for you and you are still suffering from wax buildup or discomfort, you should see an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor). They can prescribe drops or perform wax extraction using the proper tools. SO take good care of your ear henceforth.


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