Published On: Tue, Mar 8th, 2016

Ahmadiya Community of Calgary Celebrated the Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Mosque Bait Ul Noor happens to be the biggest mosque in Canada. Photo credits: The Kooza.

Ahmadiya movement of Islam Canada celebrated the birth and life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH at their newly built and state of the art Mosque Bait Ul Noor, this Mosque happens to be the biggest mosque in Canada. It has the most beautiful structure and is equipped with modern sound system and everything else required to be in the mosque. I have to say that this is the most organized function I have ever attended regarding the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The moment guests enter the parking lot there are welcomed by an army of volunteers directing you in to specially allotted spots for guests only. Once you have parked your car another Khidmat gaar would accompany you to your seat. It was very humbling experience to attend such an organized event, the speakers consisted of Sunni and Shias and of course Ahamdis. The programme was held in the main prayer areas where chairs were set up to accommodate non-Muslim guests and politicians.


Politicians and honoured guests sitting in the front row of the main prayer hall where the main programme was taken place. Photo credits: The Kooza.

Politicians that were present:  Alberta PC Party Leader Hon, Rick McIver, Hon Ifran Sabir from NDP, Dr. David Sawn from Leader of Alberta Liberal Party, Former MP Calgary N.E, Mr.Devinder Shory, and Wild Rose party representative Happy Mann. Calgary Greenway Bi election candidates: Mr.Prabh Gill for PC Party, Ms. Roop Rai for NDP, Mr. Khalil Karbani for Alberta Liberal Party.


(Left to right) Syed Tauqir Zaidi and MLA Moe Amery. Mr. Malik Lall speaking. Photo credits: The Kooza.

Program was chaired by Mr. Malik Lall, who is the President of Ahmadiya moment in Islam of Canada. Speakers were former MLA Mr. Moe (Mohammad Amery), Babul Hawaij (Shia Sect of Islam) Syed Tauqir  Zaidi, and also a representative from Muslim Council of Calgary. This was a very pleasant experience where a person could understand a speaker and was done with very soft speaking manners. Usually when I attend a Eid al Milad Un Nabi most of the time the speakers are bashing and shouting about other sects of Islam, but here the speakers only spoke on the character of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and what lessons we can learn from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


Distinguished guests and politicians posing for pictures. Photo credits: The Kooza.

After the silent prayers(dua), guests were directed to dining hall where more volunteers waited and accompanied you to your table. Every minute someone from the  executive board would approach your table and ask if your need anything else. This was  a much pleasant experience and I wish others can learn a thing or two from this organization when holding these kinds of religious meetings and having the audience feel something to be proud of being Muslims.


Past President of PCA, Mr. Muhammad Yaseen with community leaders at the programme. Photo credits: The Kooza.

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