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Air Force Day being celebrated today


Air Force Day being celebrated today

ISLAMABAD: Air Force Day is being celebrated with fervour and dignity across the country on Wednesday (September 7).

In Karachi, special air shows and exhibition will be held at PAF Base Masroor where weapons, warplanes and special gear used by Air Force have been put on display for the visitors.

Special ceremonies are being held to pay tribute to the heroes of Pakistan Air Force who fought much larger enemy during the 1965 war and completely dominated the aerial borders with their skills and bravery.

Yesterday, the nation celebrated 51st Defence Day with renewed pledge to defend the motherland against all threats.

It was on 6th of September in 1965 that the Indian forces crossed international border in the darkness of night and attacked Pakistan but ever vigilant armed forces solidly backed by the nation foiled nefarious designs of the enemy.

Pakistan Air Force Day 7th September 2011; A Symbol of Pride of the Nation

Air Force Day being celebrated today (2)When a Pakistani child grows up he or she has certain aims and certain inspirations. One of the inspirations found in most children atleast in Pakistan is that “I would want to be a Pilot when I grow up”. Despite the fact that there are a few commercial airlines operating in Pakistan besides PIA but still when it comes to inspiration and motivation there is no match to a PAF Pilot in Pakistan. If you like people heads turning to you with great admiration, praise and respect, the best introduction you can have is a pilot in Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistan Air Force was established in 1947 as Royal Pakistan Air Force. It is a part of Pakistan armed force. It is shortly called as “PAF” and in Urdu it is called as “Pak Fazaia”. PAF has approximately more than 700 fighter and other types of aircraft, nowadays, PAF is concentrating and working out on fighter aircrafts. In collaboration with China, modern fighter aircrafts built in China and now in Pakistan these aircrafts are constructing by Chinese and Pakistani aircraft engineers. PAF operates following important aircrafts:

  • F-16s
  • F-7MPs
  • F-7PGs
  • Mirage IIIs
  • JF-17 Thunders
  • Mirage Vs
  • J-10/ F-10 Vanguard

The PAF Day

Air Force Day being celebrated today (3)PAF played very important role in the two wars of Pakistan with India, during 1965 and 1971. Every year in Pakistan Air Force day is celebrated, different Air shows and other programs related to PAF presented by PAF and other institutions and organizations of Pakistan. September 7 was observed as “Air Force Day”; till President Musharraf declared September 6, to be jointly commemorated as “Defence Day of Pakistan” for all three services.

Air Force Day was being observed because of PAF’s overwhelming preponderance over an air force many times its size in 1965. In commemoration of that remarkable achievement made by our PAF heroes a large number of patriots visit places like PAF bases in most major cities of Pakistan. When we talk about such places the PAF Museum Karachi and specially the PAF Fun Town there for kids is a place visited by a large number of visitors.

Air Force Day being celebrated today (4)A little background of defence by PAF

By inflicting heavy losses on the IAF, the PAF saved Pakistan from the deeper and more sinister motives of the enemy. In both the wars, the gallant air warriors served as a deterrent to the enemy designs, against heavy odds. Their mettle was tested and they always came out with flying colours. PAF personnel are always regarded as the fine breed of brave men who have vowed to keep the pure skies of Pakistan clear from predatory forces.

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