Published On: Wed, Jun 8th, 2016

Akshay Kumar more than just a two-sided coin


akshay kumar

The superstar of Bollywood Akshay Kumar has proved himself for several years. His goal is to give the top quality as well as consistence to his fans. The star is consistently giving no less than three films each year which also hits the theaters and meanwhile, he keeps his fans enthusiastic with winning performances every time.

The star was stating in an interview as saying that “I am more than just a two-sided coin. I am not just about serious or funny parts. I like taking up a variety of roles and characters, I’ll do everything and anything,”

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He further added by saying that “I may not be the biggest actor, but I am happy to be the most versatile. At least, I will not be accused of being boring. I shift genres, I change characters. I did Airlift, now Housefull 3, and next is Rustom.”

Housefull 3, which is the third installment in the comedy franchise, was in recent times released globally and has been doing superb business at the box office. He told that “Some people were of the view that I may lose respect if I do slapstick, but I don’t mind losing respect if it helps me gain love or make people happy. Comedy is the most powerful genre. It provides you the power to make people laugh. I live in the moment and so do my fans,”



Regardless of his triumph, fan following and star category, Akshay stay humble regarding his spot in the industry. He told that “Stardom hasn’t gotten to my head. When I attain victory, I see my children, my wife, and my mother happy, and impulsively, I am packed with gratefulness. Thinking regarding failure makes me want to wake up and take care of my body and everything I have got. Being grateful is the key to happiness, if you aren’t thankful for yourself, family, fans, God, and parents then you don’t deserve to live.”

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