Published On: Thu, Apr 21st, 2016

Ali Noor is going to debut in Bollywood


Ali Noor

Ali Noor, who is one-half of Pakistani’s revolutionary pop-rock star from Noori band, is going to debut in the singing industry across the border. He will sing a track for the imminent Bollywood production Dear Dad. The titan of the song is Girha which will release on 18 April whereas the movie which is directed by Tanu Bhramar will on 6 May.

Noor laughingly stated that “This is the first time I’ve sung a song I haven’t composed. It was interesting and tough because I usually improvise but this time, I had to follow someone else and do retakes. They would say sur mein gayen and I’d say hum tuner lagatay hain and they’d say hum nai lagatay, we sing it accurately” he continued by saying, “They work with high-end technology,”

Noor told in an interview “The fact that Bollywood is so high-end and there is no room for mistakes struck me hard. Frankly speaking, I don’t think I am ready for that right now.” It was inquired that if he feels ready yet and he replied, “That is absolutely true. This is the first time I feel ready because the music is my type and the film itself is not a mainstream production. It is a part of a new format of films India is exploring and I prefer those.”

Interestingly they recorded the song over a night-long Skype session whereas Raghav & Arjun were in Mumbai and Noor in Lahore. Arjun told that “It was a brilliant session and we know Noor gave it his heart and soul.” Both music directors of the film Raghav and Arjun accepted that Noor was the right selection for the song.

Raghav told that “When we recorded the song for the film we wanted something fresh and non-commercial, a voice that was raw, earthy and added a character of its own to the song. We were looking at voices in India and we had options but nothing fit. Then we remembered Noori’s Saari Raat Jaan which is our favourite,” Arjun continued as, “Fox Travellers India had done something with Noori so we got his number from there, and then everything fell into place!”

Noor also told about his earlier songs that “When we put out a song of our own the interest is different because it’s my creative journey. The fact that I completed the song is the biggest satisfaction and whether people like my songs or not is irrelevant to me.” He further told that “I’ve never done anything like this before so I don’t feel like I’ve completed anything. It’s about someone else’s work being completed and my anticipation related to it.”


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