Published On: Fri, Aug 7th, 2015

Almost quarter of a million people dead in Syria


This is truly without a doubt so tragic and horrific to report on, but according to studies and research as of now

 “almost a quarter of a million people have died in Syria since March 2011″


It is even said that nearly 12,000 children have died – that is appalling to hear and to even grasp the amount of people who have lost their lives or been injured because of the civil war and attacks from outside nations.

To make you understand how the bad the reality is, the numbers are provided by ‘The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ (SOHR) said that it

had documented the deaths of 240,381 people, up from its tally of 230,618 announced on June 9.

The latest death toll shows that 11,964 children were among 71,781 civilians killed in Syria.

At least 88,616 regime forces were killed – or one thirds all deaths documented by the SOHR – including 50,570 soldiers, with the rest made up by allied fighters. 



This graph shows a breakdown of the deaths in Syria as of now since March 2011. Provided by SOHR





Measures are being done right now to take control and to stop the use of chemical attacks in Syria.




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