Published On: Wed, Mar 30th, 2016

American Pilot Unveils Interesting Things about Bermuda Triangle



American pilot unveiled interesting things about mysterious Bermuda Triangle as he was the only person who returned safely from there. One day he was flying his plane over the set path of Bermuda Triangle when suddenly dark clouds surrounded him. When he tried to get rid of these clouds he lost the direction and after few minutes he lost the control over plane.

 American pilot had never felt such kind of power pulling his plane towards sea of Bermuda Triangle and according to him he was trapped into yellowish electrocuted power. He thought that he would not survive from such power and he would die within few minutes. No one could help him as he lost the contact with aviation team.

Then suddenly the pilot felt that he could get out from this trap if he got the control back. So he tried very hard to control the plane and changed the direction to get out from the yellowish power. After few minutes he was back on track over Bermuda Triangle.

The experience of American pilot would definitely help the experts to find out the hidden secrets of Bermuda Triangle. The yellowish electrocuted power might be one of the secrets or reason behind missing planes and ships.

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