Published On: Sat, Sep 12th, 2015

Amir has a better bowling action than Wasim, says Ian Pont



Former English player, Ian Pont who is considered one of the most important voice when it comes regarding mechanics of fast bowling said that Mohammad Amir has the finest left-arm bowling action far better than the legendary Wasim Akram.

According to Pont, Amir has a forceful and steady action which helps him to be consistent when he releases the bowl. In some other words he is blessed, it is his natural action which makes him bio-mechanically efficient these are such things on which technical coaches work.

He added that the world is seeking for bowlers like him, who can achieve this position with his action Amir has a lower risk of having major injuries and he can improve his speed and accuracy. Currently his pace is between 140 to 145 kph which is enough to cause problems for batsman, but he can bowl more fast.


Pont, who has mainly played for Sussex and was also known for strong throws, said that Amir is lucky for having such a great wrist position while delivering the bowl. He’s just 23 and his peak years are yet to come, the difference which makes him a great bowler is his strong wrist position which helps him to swing the cricket ball at pace.

He further said that soon Amir will be compared with Pakistan’s former great Wasim Akram, he has the potential to match the skills of Wasim. He has a far better action than Wasim, his technique as a fast swing bowler is nonparallel.

Pont concluded and said that the only thing which can stop him becoming a great fast bowler is Amir himself.

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