Published On: Tue, Mar 15th, 2016

Angel Appears When Lightening Hit the Building


New York: An angel like creature appeared when the lightening hit the building in America and spread fear among public. Such lightening has struck so many times on different buildings, houses and trees in New York City and caused great damage. None of the lightening incidents spread such fear as this incident.

 The appearance of angel with lightening clearly showed the anger of Almighty God and the person or few people might get the punishment for the sins. Therefore, people took it as bad omen and there was great panic in America. CCTV footage clearly showed a creature like angel with lightening and weather forecast department confirmed it.

Before this incident, a creature like angel was spotted in London city and people claimed that it had fallen from the sky. However, the authenticity of this news still needs to be confirmed so that people can get idea about the existence of angels.


Angels, fairies and even devils are the main characters of fantasy world and without these characters no one would show interest. Therefore so many people take them as just fantasy while others believe in their existence in reality. The appearance of angel with lightening once again proved its existence.


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