Published On: Tue, Jun 28th, 2016

Artist should demand security for Hazara community



After the brutal assassination of qawwal Amjad Sabri, there were raised a question on the law and security situations in the country. Following the condemnations, demands for justice and tributes, a group of artists emerge to raise the issue.

A group involving both small-timers and mainstream artists led by Sindh censors boss Fakhr-e-Alam, has claimed for to be provided them equally to that of government officials. Some others, who have not characterized in the video, provided their support liking it on their Facebook pages.

Furthermore, above 50 members of the amusement industry presented an application at Defence police station on Friday night, demanding security for artists.

But Jami, the director of the film Moor, has criticized the whole group for the selfish act. He stated that “Artists should have [also] demanded security for the Hazara community in Quetta. No one cared about dead kids freezing on the roads,”

He continued by saying that “Why are we only demanding security for ourselves as if artists are a special breed? Why not for every Pakistani … be it a Hindu or a Christian.”


Jami is recognized for being vocal regarding human rights matters on social media and as well getting flack for it. In this situation, does Jami have a good way of reacting to the calamity as an artist himself? He stated that “I think the artist community should have gone outside like true activists and asked their fans and followers to join hands,”

Jami considers that artists must be evenly worried regarding the issues confronted by minorities, in case they desire to make things work for Pakistan. He added “They made it into a self-protection issue.

Each artist and art, in general, has the prospective to bring almost a revolt but we evidently missed the chance. Twenty artists getting jointly, requiring security is a very selfish act.”

Though the intention at the back of the killing of Sabri is still not obvious, one cannot refute the reality that he was the much famous artist. The amusement industry being thought regarding its security appears similar to a natural reaction. He added “They have the right to say whatever they like but they should have looked at the bigger picture,”

The popular film-maker continued “I’ve been to almost all protests and I only saw a few of us there. I wish we had a huge concert organized in support of the issue of Hazara killings, an anti-Lashkar-e-Jhangvi performance or I could see artists highlighting evils of karo kari, underage marriages, the way they have highlighted their personal problem.”


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