Published On: Sat, Sep 24th, 2016

Ashes of Calgary Evel Knievel fan carried over Snake River Canyon


Daredevil Eddie Braun flew rocket with Todd Swayze’s ashes in his pocket

Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun was hardly alone when he finished the feat that Evel Knievel famously failed to do back in 1974.

Joining him for the 600-metre jump over Snake River Canyon in a steam-powered rocket were the ashes of Todd Swayze.

“They were in Eddie’s pocket,” his wife Tamara Swayze told the Calgary Eyeopener on Thursday. “He wouldn’t miss that jump for all the tea in China. That man was obsessed. That was a bucket list for him to be there.”

Swayze said her husband, who died of lung cancer in February, had been a huge fan since his teenage years.

“He had met Evel Knievel and Linda Knievel and Robbie Knievel outside a doughnut shop in Calgary just off of Macleod Trail — and he was hooked. I mean, every child back in the 70s was jumping this, jumping that to beat Evel, ’cause he was the coolest.”


Evel Knievel, shown before his unsuccesful attempt to cross the Snake River Canyon in a steam-powered rocket in 1974. (The Associated Press)

It was Braun, along with the rocket’s designer Scott Truax, who orchestrated the special memorial.

The three had become friendly several years ago at Evel Knievel Daysin Butte, Mont., the annual festival celebrating the legendary daredevil.

Todd and Tamara Swayze

Tamara Swayze with her husband Todd. Stuntman Eddie Braun carried Todd’s ashes in his pocket on Sept. 16 when he successfully soared over Snake River Canyon in a steam-powered rocket. (Tamara Swayze)

Tamara Swayze, along with several dozen members of the Knievel family, watched Braun soar over the southern Idaho canyon on Sept. 16 in a custom-built rocket called “Evel Spirit.”

“Never once did I think that Eddie wouldn’t make it. I had all the confidence in that man,” she said.

“It’s overwhelming that they would show such grace and kindness to my husband. And to honour him.”

Courtesy: CBC

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