Published On: Mon, May 2nd, 2016

Ashir Azeem spoke up on controversy



Maalik after releasing and showcasing in many cinemas faced controversy and blocked from an exhibition in Sindh, after that declared ban across the country.  On this controversy, the director of the movie, Ashir Azeem, has at last spoken up. Azeem with the cast members said at a press conference organized at Karachi Press Club on Sunday evening.

Azeem stated himself an ‘average Joe’, Azeem elucidated that he didn’t look for court for any needless attention by getting involved in controversy. The simple cause why he arbitrated in this entire subject was as it had become an affair of basic constitutional rights, freedom of expression. Azeem added that “If I wanted attention, I would never have disappeared 22 years ago after Dhuaan. My problem is basically with the principle,”

His opinion is that the problem was not only limited to the ban on the movie. He further stated that “The real issue is how the voice of a common man is being suppressed by the ban on the film.”

With Maalik being provided an Unrestricted (U) rating by the country’s three censor boards and accomplished the entire legal needs, the verdict to force a ban on the film became still more baseless, the film creator continued as “This is setting a dangerous precedent for future film-makers,”

Azeem further added that “Just because the movie is hurting the egos of some of our baday sahabs, it doesn’t give them the right to block the exhibition of the film. That is not right.” He criticized the high-profile politicians as, “Unfortunately these people have started considering themselves as above us, the law and the system. For how long will we tolerate this?”

Azeem has filed an appeal against the ban on Maalik in the Sindh High Court, told the impending days are very important for the future of Pakistan’s film industry. The writer of the film told, “We will accept the decision of the court even if it does not go in our favor but the authorities also need to bear in mind that upholding the ban on Maalik would set a wrong precedent for the new wave of [Pakistani] films.”

Azeem is also determined by the international release of the film when the issue would resolve, he elaborated as, “I am still new to this field of film-making but once this issue is resolved, I will meet distributors regarding the international release of Maalik,”

Maalik was released on 8 April and its cast was included Ashir Azeem, Hassan Niazi, Adnan Shah Tipu, Ehtesham Qureshi and Farhan Ally Agha. The film pursues the account of an SSG commando who retires from the armed forces later than a personal tragedy; he establishes his own security agency.


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