Published On: Thu, Jul 28th, 2016

Assassinated Pashto singer’s legacy has passed on



Ghazala Javed, Pashto singer’s voice was silenced by her ex-husband when she was 24 years old in 2012, but there is someone else who stepped out to pursue the singer’s legacy and that is Javed’s niece who too has determined to walk the career path her assassinated aunt selected.

Muskan Fayaz’s passion for music is unexplainable. The 14-year-old dweller of Mingora, Swat is dedicated to making a title for herself, accurately the way Javed did.

Muskan told in an interview “I looked up to my khala and I used to listen to all her songs,” whereas she is very juvenile but her words and line of ideas nowhere echo her age. Muskan has seen the rise of Javed, while growing up, as one of the much famous and utmost paid Pashto artists. When she articulated her wish to pursue in Javed’s paces, no one opposed. She told confidently that “Her death changed me completely. That day I decided to take up singing as a profession and carry her legacy forward,”

Muskan listens to her aunt’s songs every day on her mobile phone. She shared “She is my role model. She made our entire family famous. I too will do the same.” As with much helpless Pakistanis who are mistreated, Muskan as well does not have a lot to speak regarding her aunt’s murder. “What can I say … Life and death are in the hands of God,”


Whereas she does imaginary movies and folk music, Muskan, personally, is a fan of ghazals. She added “I listen to a lot of ghazals. I think ghazal singing has its own charm,”

This doesn’t signify she does not pursue the kind of music kids of her age do. She continued “I am a huge Atif Aslam fan and I also follow Bollywood music,” she further added rapidly stating that Saif Ali Khan is her favorite actor.

The seventh-grader is a brilliant student who desires to get college education prior to projecting into the industry full-time. Each day, when she is done with homework and lending a hand to household chores, Muskan draws her harmonium from the cupboard and initiates her practice. She thinks control on playing the instrument is quite instrumental. She added “You cannot become a good singer until you practice hard, singing to the notes of the harmonium,” she continued that she gives three-hour session every day, “I also want to be known as a skillful musician,” she maintains.

A lot of the valley’s singers and dancers live in the Banr neighborhood. Muskan’s family, on the further side, has had its modest house in Malookabad for the previous 30 years. Karachi-based guitar expert Faraz Anwar once told in Pakistan drummers became guitarists and guitarists are at times compelled to give up music in general for the reason that either their own family members or the neighbors cannot bear the loud and continuous playing of music. It, though, does not affect Muskan. She said “My parents are very supportive and we are on excellent terms with people living next to us. So many of my schoolmates live in the neighborhood,”

Her father Fayaz Ahmad feels pride in his daughter’s career aims. He said “She always took a lot of interest in music and also has a knack for it,” he continued “I am trying my best to support her in her endeavors. I am sure she will make it big one day.”

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