Published On: Thu, Apr 7th, 2016

Astonishing footage of twin babies who don’t realize that they have been born


Twinning is an abnormality. Thousands of twins born everyday. Twin babies are very attached to each other because they are mostly born at the same time from the same mother.

Many cases have been heard in which twins have been found holding hands and cuddling after their birth.

This cuddling and hugging actually shows the love between them. There is actually a bond between these twins which they don’t want to break.

That is why they are mostly found hugging each other and not let each other away.

Twin babies are recently born in United States who don’t realize that they have been born. After many hours of their birth, they are found hugging each other.

The doctors give them a bath which is a new technique for massaging the newly born babies.

This bathing helps specially the twins to relax their muscles and get away from each other. But these twins are not affected by this bath.

They remain close to each other and were hugging each other after many hours their birth.

These twins don’t realize that they are now born and are not present inside the mother’s womb.


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